Welcome to Get Bronzed

Welcome to Get Bronzed powered by top of the line Ergoline beds that designs start with the comfort of the tanner in mind. We provide luxury tanning and only the finest indoor tanning lotions. Friendly professional tanning experts are dedicated to providing You with the cleanest, safest and relaxing way to tan. Known for its Airbrush Tanning and flawless results. So whether You are dashing in to prepare for a vacation or special event, visit Get Bronzed to maintain youthful looking glow.


Why Tan at Get Bronzed?

1.  Get a beautiful tan, quickly.
Within just a few visits, you can have a beautiful, golden tan.

2.   Tan day or night, regardless of the weather.
Have you noticed that on your day off it tends to be cloudy, cool or rainy? You won't have that problem at Platinum Tan.

3.    Save time.
We don't have all day to lay in the sun! Indoor tanning sessions are usually 20 minutes or less.

4.    Control of UV exposure.
As opposed to the uncertainty of outdoor tanning, our indoor tanning allows you to control the level or UV exposure you receive - so you know what to expect. Today's tanning equipment is designed to give you measured amounts of UVA and UVB rays. When used properly, you can develop a tan without burning.

 5.    Helpful Advice
The salon staff will advise you on how to build and maintain your tan and reduce your risk of breaking RULE #1 (Don't ever sunburn).

Salon Hours

Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
Sunday 10am-5pm




Our Technology

Get Bronzed uses the latest in tanning technology to insure we remain Chicago’s Finest Tanning Facility. Period. Our key to success is your satisfaction. Therefore, at Get Bronzed we update our technology more often that anyone else.